Water Bottle: $12.00

Purple Crew Cut T-shirt: $15.00

Grey Crew Cut T-shirt: $15.00

Purple V neck T-shirt: $17.00

Grey V neck T-shirt: $16.00

Tank Top: $16.00

Embroidered Sweatshirt: $40.00

Highland Gypsy Farm 

Handmade Paracord Products

Epona Horse & Rider Products

Please contact us to see what we have available for soap and pricing!

Goats milk soap, glycerin based soap, shea butter based soap, and much more ALL HOMEMADE RIGHT HERE AT HIGHLAND GYPSY FARM!!!

Small Dog Collars: $10-$15

Large Dog Collars: $20-$35

Training Leads: $8-$15

6ft Leashes: $20-$30

Reins: $25-$35

Pony Halters: $25-$45

Horse Halters: $45-$55

Draft Halters: $55-$65

Bracelets: $5

Key Chains: $5-$10

These are estimated prices, pricing may change on custom items!

Homemade Soap

All of our paracord products are custom made. We make dog collars, dog leashes, halters, reins, headstalls, lead ropes, key chains, and much more!

Contact us with questions and to place your order!

Paracord Products

Love Curry Brush: $12.50

Scrubby Bath Cloth: $6.50

Scrubby Bath Sponge: $5.00

Pony Tail Comb: $6.00

Riders' Reward Mineral Bath: $21.00

New Shoe Socks: $7.95

Eye of the Horse Art Socks: $11.50

Jiffy Brush (medium bristle): $10.49

Jiffy Brush (soft bristle): $10.49

Under the Sun Visor: $24.00

Gummy Mitt Curry Brush: $9.95

Lucky Horseshoe Groomer: $7.50

Golden Glow Hoof Pick: $9.00

Massage Pin Brush: $11.95

The Groomage Massager: $12.95

Bar in a Jar Saddle Soap: $14.50

Comfy Comb Flower Brush: $10.95

​Heart 2 Heart Curry: $5.95